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Who are we?

MEDICAL GROUP TURKEY (MGT) is a medical services provider combines the best doctors, hospitals, and institutions in Turkey, even at the level of Europe. MGT honored to serve you and your family through special medical care, and in order to achive that MGT since its establishment has stayed committed to providing best medical care services with positive outcomes to its patients across the medical field in general surgery, orthopaedics, dental surgery, aesthetics and plastic surgeries, ophthalmology, cancer treatment, cardiology, obstetrics and gynaecology and human organ transplants.
Beyond the practice of medicine, our physicians are provided with many personal and professional opportunities, including participation in many activities, research, and training course programs.

Our Mission:

As Istanbul has become one of the world's first destinations for treatment, and especially after the choices have become several and include doctors and clinics which is worth the trouble of traveling and which isn't, Hence our highly experienced doctors and executives have met together to form MGT which aim to achieve the highest medical outcomes and to coordinate them with the best offers and to be with legal doctors, clinics, and hospitals. and with healthcare solutions according to ethical and professional principles.
  • Contact us to explain what your medical inquiry is.
  • Wait for our communication with you to build together the treatment plan and determine the appropriate doctor and hospital and the cost.
  • Live the joy in finding when you came what we planned for together, ready and organized accurately.
  • Send us a thanks and recommendation letter after your return.

Their testimonials are honor for us

Our clients praise us for their fantastic results, our premium services, and our expert knowledge of what we accomplish.
Here are just a few of what they said:

Cause you TRUST us, we must RESPECT you and give you perfect CARE.

MGT  located on the European side of Istanbul; the most major city of Turkey. We are a one-stop solution to all your health problems.

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