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The Highest Experiences in The Turkish Medicine.

     The Turkish government has made great efforts and developed long-term strategies to become one of the best leading countries in the high-level medical field, as it is now. And it really deserves appreciation. According to new statistics, Turkey takes the fourth level in the global list of medical tourism, for the number of patients that provide service to them. And takes the third level for earned incomes from the medical tourism. The Turkish Ministry of Health has created a specialized medical tourism department and provided the Turkish hospitals with advanced equipment and techniques to support the doctors, medical groups that have been rehabilitated during the last period. In order to make them experts. As a result, Hundreds of thousands of patient tourists are coming to Turkey for treatment, especially for dentistry and cosmetic operations, because the health insurance in their countries does not include these specializations. This number is expected to become 2.5 million this year. In addition, the reasonable therapeutic cost is an essential cause that attracts patients. This cost saves your money by 40-70% compared to European countries.

“Turkey has an infrastructure in the medical tourism section. Which provide all the needs of area. And there is no obstruction to prevent turkey to become center of the area in the medical tourism section”

Muhammad Muaazen OgluTurkish minister of health

     Notable statue of Turkish tourism is an important attracting factor to bring patients from abroad. The person who visits Turkey, his body will be raised by the medical expertise and his soul will be soared by the Turkish nature beautiful.

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