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The loss of hair and baldness is a number one concern, especially for men, where Up to 50% of men experience of baldness by the time they are 50 old. The loss of hair occurs due to many reasons such as side effects of some drugs, stress and some diseases. In addition, the High rate of the male hormone testosterone (DHT) leads to weakness of hair follicles and then losing the hair. However, the genetic factor is one of the basic causes of baldness, where the genetic genes for baldness exist in parents and transmitted to Sons.

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Obesitys Surgeries

Obesity is one of the biggest and widespread health problems we face. Where the person has abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in the body, to the extent that it could affect the health. Obesity leads to increasing the risk of many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, musculoskeletal disorders and respiratory problems. Body mass index (BMI) is used as a measure of obesity. For adults, WHO defines overweight, if BMI greater than or equal to 25. And obesity is a BMI greater than or equal to 30.

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The eye is the mirror of the soul, it has a special language to reveal the mysteries of the self and its emotions. Therefore, since ancient ages, the human has sought to protect and treat the eye, as a result, the profession of ophthalmology has started in our country as an independent specialization.

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The heart is the second most important organ of the human body, after the brain. And it is a strong muscle working to pump blood to all parts of the body through a complex network of arteries and veins, in addition, the heart is located in the center of the chest, which is the primary organ of the circulation. It beats constantly, and its cessation means the death.

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Popularly referred to as IVF, In Vitro Fertilization, not so long ago it was a mysterious procedure, it means a man’s sperm has attached to and entered the woman’s egg outside the body, it is a major treatment for infertility when other methods have failed. And its first beginning was with Louise Brown who was born in England in 1978 as a result of IVF.

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The most beautiful smile on the face is that has bright, clean, and healthy teeth. Moreover, the dental and oral health effects on the body health. A toothache is a very annoying pain and it is a result of many troubles, caries, sensitivity, inflammation of teeth core, and other.

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Orthopedics is a medical specialization involves studying and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, spine, joints, and muscles. It deals with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles. In addition, orthopedics is the main treatment for back pain.

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Plastic surgeries include surgical and nonsurgical procedures involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body, these procedures enhance and reshape the body to improve your appearance If you’re not satisfied with it. They divide into two categories, reconstructive surgeries aim to reconstruct a part of the body or improve its functioning, and cosmetic or aesthetic surgeries which aim to improve the appearance.

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