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The most beautiful smile on the face is that has bright, clean, and healthy teeth. Moreover, the dental and oral health effects on the body health. A toothache is a very annoying pain and it is a result of many troubles, caries, sensitivity, inflammation of teeth core, and other.

“Blessed are they who hold lively conversations with the helplessly mute, for they shall be called dentists.”

Ann LandersWriter

What is a Dentistry?

      It is a specialization interested in researching and treatment the mouth, face, tooth, and jaws. Turkish universities have a lot of efficacies graduates who can do different dental surgeries with high efficiency and experienced at cosmetic dentistry procedures such as; Dental Implants, Veneers, and Porcelain Crowns. They are all fully registered with the Turkish Dental Association.

"A dentist is a man who puts the golden pieces in your mouth and picks them up from your pocket"
Anis Mansour - writer

Dental Implants

      It is an artificial teeth implantation instead of the missing ones, in the Jawbone. The teeth planted are more stable than conventional systems such as removable dentures. The local anesthesia will be used just like any other dental operations. But in some cases, the general anesthesia could be used. Treatment planning and procedures are explained in detail to the patients.

The patient has to be over 20 years old and has lost one original teeth or more.
It reached to 95%, by using advanced technologies.
The tooth implanting needs one session takes an hour or more depending on the number of teeth to be implanted.
The planted tooth can last a lifetime and they are made of titanium which does not decay. You will be able to eat foods you like and have a better appearance.
Like any oral operation, there is a risk of infection, pain, and inflammation. But your doctor will put the best suitable plan for your situation.

Fixed Orthodontics

      The best method for the orthodontics is “Metal Orthodontic Retainer”, cheapest, and easiest to apply. On the other hand, it has an unwanted appearance. there is also “Clear orthodontic retainer”, It costs more than “Metal Orthodontic”. However, most people would like to use it, cause it is invisible and could be applied easily. It could make of ceramic or plastics. and about the “Internal Orthodontics”, it applies inside of the mouth, so it will be invisible. On the other hand, this is the most expensive type, and needs long treatment time, in addition, it should be applied by a very skilled doctor.

In most cases, the orthodontist should be placed after full permanent tooth emergence.
It takes about 6-18 months, depending on the patient's condition.
At the first, the patient feels annoying tension in his tooth. But He will adapt with it after a week.

The Hollywood Smile

      A bright smile lifts your confidence and makes you feel more attractive. Now you can have this smile with a non-surgical procedure, based on fixing ceramic shells onto the tooth in order to hide flaws, and improve the tooth color with observance the skin color.

     VENEER LENSES is made of Porcelain, treats many dental problems such as; changing of tooth color, presence distances between tooth, and tooth erosion. In addition, it adapts to the gum and does not cause harm to teeth. On the other hand, the tooth will be more sensitive to hot and cold. It does not protect from dental caries. You should be careful when biting tough food, as well as, should avoidance of drinks that cause changing color tooth.

     LUMINEERS LENSES is a thin crust, which it is similar to veneer in appearance results. But in fact, it is the best and the most modern method. It costs more than other methods, because of its thickness less than 0.5 mm, so it will be applied by expert and proficient doctors. Otherwise, the treated tooth will be not very bright white because they need little of dimness.

     ZIRCONIA CROWNS, The zircon is a metal that has the transmittance characteristic, so the normal appearance of the tooth will be achieved. Local anesthesia is used during carving teeth. Then the crown will be fixed with special adhesive.It does not cause dental pigmentation even though having colored drinks.

The patient has to be above of 18 years old.
No, he can’t. He can only remove lenses if he destroyed them.
Less than 10 days, depending on his condition.

     We also offer the best treatment techniques ranging from teeth cleaning to teeth whitening, restoration of teeth with crowns, dentures, Invisalign, tooth filling, bridges, and implant-supported restorations.

MGT  located on the European side of Istanbul; the most major city of Turkey. We are a one-stop solution to all your health problems.

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